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We provide small businesses with a cloud engineered digital solution. Providing Cyber security, website engineering, digital automation and useabil architecture   Click to listen highlighted text! We provide small businesses with a cloud engineered digital solution. Providing Cyber security, website engineering, digital automation and useabil architecture

AllSAFE CYBER SECURITY began as a division of Smartest Move Pty ltd a registered company with ASIC ACN: 603301046.

Today it currently is an independant agency acting primarily as a consultancy company ABN:39757913863.

AllSAFE CYBER SECURITY provides your business with a complete small business digital solution, speak to one of our digital analysts to find the appropriate solution for your business model.

We can test your current platform for cybersecurity weaknesses & breaches, providing you with a comprehensive report & solutions.

Your current website platform may need upgrading or you are starting up as a new business. We can design a platform that is safe, secure & responsive to meet the demands of your customers or test & secure your current platform. Our digital engineers are specialists in digital platforms focusing on Useabilty & Accessibility design.

Your business the information owner has the authority and responsibility for ensuring that information is protected, from creation through destruction. For example, a bank's senior loan officer might be the owner of information pertaining to customer loans. The senior loan officer has the responsibility to decide who has access to customer loan information, the policies for using this information, and the controls to be established to protect this information. At  AllSafe CyberSecurity we help you achieve this.

At AllSafe CyberSecurity we aim to apply the CIA-Triad to your business data: Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability. CIA plus the Five A's are fundamental objectives and attributes of a cybersecurity program.

Confidentiality: When you tell a friend something in confidence, you expect them to keep the information private and not share what you told them with anyone else without your permission. You also hope that they will never use this against you. Likewise, confidentiality is the requirement that private or confidential information not be disclosed to unauthorized individuals -when we apply this principle to your business data we also apply this principle to our employees & any third party we engage with -we do not disclose information about any businesses we assist, even our own employees only know each other by their first names; as do the business representatives they engage with.

Integrity: is basically the ability to make sure that a system and its data has not been altered or compromised. It ensures that the data is an accurate and unchanged representation of the original secure data. Integrity applies not only to data, but also to systems.

Availability: is that systems, applications, and data must be available to authorized users when needed and requested, for example if you are an online retailer or a cloud service provider and your ecommerce site or service is not available to your users, you could potentially lose current or future business, thus impacting revenue.

Supporting the CIA triad of information security are five key information security principles, commonly known as the Five A's:

Accountability: The process of tracing actions to their source. Nonrepudiation techniques, intrusion detection systems (IDS), and forensics all support accountability. This can help protect integrity and also confidentiality.

Assurance: The processes, policies, and controls used to develop confidence that security measures are working as intended. Auditing, monitoring, testing, and reporting are the foundations of assurance that all three elements in CIA are protected.

Authentication: The positive identification of the person or system seeking access to secured information or systems. Password, Kerberos, token, and biometric are forms of authentication. This also allows you to create control mechanisms to protect all CIA elements.

Authorization: Granting users and systems a predetermined level of access to information resources.

Accounting: The logging of access and usage of information resources. 

AllSafe CyberSecurity specialises in small businesses 1: Engineering small business websites on a cloud platform. 2: Digital Automation, 3: Useable Architecture -implementing useability, UX, UI & accessibility within your digital footprint & 4: Cyber Security -keeping your data safe.

"Resolutio problema vos facere non scio vos habere,

In mores vos nequeo intellego"




Are your systems exposed?

Security is a chain, it is only as strong as its weakest link. It is a process and a mind-set.
More than conducting penetration tests following development, security should remain a priority for applications once already in production. After all, it is no longer a question of if you get hacked, but when.
That is why we can also test if the appropriate preventative, corrective and detective measures are in place and dimensioned appropriately to your business’s needs.
Take ownership of your security concerns in a structured and cost effective way. Let us help you understand your security issues and deal with them.













Our staff have more than 10-year experience in custom PHP development & web engineering.

We have been involved in digital automation consultation for more than 20 years assisting various legal firms. small businesses and government departments.

Speaking at seminars and conferences to education and government sectors we have been involved with assistive technology & useability recommendations, before the existance of voice recognition & touch screen technology was readily available to the public on their technical devices. 

Our Cyber Security client experience is extensive, though highly confidential. Our senior staff have been members of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) for over 20 years and have recognised qualifications & experience as Programmers, Systems Analyst, Multimedia Developers, Hardware Engineers, Web Designers, Useability/Accessibility Consultants, Business Systems Analyst, Information Technology Engineers, Social Engineering Consultants & Cyber Security Specialists.



Needs Assessment

We listen to what you want, then analyse your needs and design a solution that is suited specifically for you. 

Project Based

We estimate our time by project, so there are no hidden costs. We then break up the project into tasks; each task goes through a project lifecycle. 

Hourly Basis

We charge on an hourly basis -to minimise extra fees. Payments are required on completion of a task.

Project Lifecycle

Project management

Our engineers use the newest project management tools and use the best project management methodologies.

Dedicated Team -we allocate a whole team for you, for constant support of your project.

Development Phase

Quality Assurance

Testing Phase

Customer Review

If required development teams make any request required then test  products to the finest detail to ensure the best results for our customers satisfaction.

Project Completion



Before embarking on a solution, it is important to measure current capability in each area and establish or validate a future state.

Solutions are not a one size fits all solution, customers only need to adopt relevant aspects. This includes::

Planning & Definition

Planning sets the tone for an effective software development lifecycle. Visibility and traceability are key to accurate estimation, which is a catalyst for trust and collaboration.

Project team visibility. From stakeholders to release engineers to operations – everyone is a part of the team.

Collaborative Planning
Planning is a team effort. Balance exists between business need and technical bandwidth.

Developing & Building

Building quality solutions; starts with standards and well-defined processes. It is critical to automate wherever possible so that developers can focus on developing.


Product quality is measured almost instantaneously when your test assets support a continuous delivery model.

Releasing & Deploying

Frequent releases are critical to getting product into the hands of your customer, and the driver of the continuous feedback loop.

Monitoring & Reviewing

Infrastructure and application monitoring provides performance and early warning indicators, which are critical to protect and improve the customer experience.

Please read our CyberSecurity Policy overview. learn

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